OGPlanet announces N.E.O. Online

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.13.10

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OGPlanet announces N.E.O. Online

OGPlanet has announced the release of its latest free-to-play MMORPG, a fantasy title called N.E.O. Online. Set in the monster-infested world of Gaia, N.E.O. allows players the freedom to upgrade abilities and statistics at will, rather than being restricted to a traditional class/level system.

While at first blush N.E.O. may sound like yet another entry into the increasingly overcrowded free-to-play fantasy market, the title boasts at least one unique feature that bears watching. Player actions are the centerpiece of the Chaos Meter system, in which user decisions determine how dangerous particular sections of the game world are at a given time. If players fight evil, the Chaos Meter will empty and the world will reflect peace. If players disrupt the peace or engage in evil acts, the Chaos Meter will fill, and Gaia will become populated with powerful creatures.

PvP also becomes available as the Chaos Meter increases, and player conflict comes in mano-a-mano, group, and guild flavors. Spoils of victory include fame, money, and stat-boosting titles, many of which can only be worn by a single player in the game at any given time.

N.E.O. Online also features crafting, a pet and mount system, and a marriage mechanic. Check out the official website for all the details.
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