iPhone 4 unlocked, says Dev Team member

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iPhone 4 unlocked, says Dev Team member
It took some doing, but the iPhone 4 has been unlocked. Unfortunately, you can't get your hands on what you'll need to do it yourself just yet.

A member of the iPhone Dev Team who goes by PlanetBeing has posted a picture of an iPhone 4 on Canada's Bell network. The feat was made more difficult with the iPhone 4 because iOS 4 on AT&T needed a soup-to-nuts rewrite of ultrasn0w.

We don't have a timeline for when the updated ultrasn0w and Spirit will be released, so we'll keep our ears pressed to the ground on that one.

For now, at least one iPhone 4 is flying free in Canada! Spread your wings, little iPhone, and keep those Canadians away from your lower left-hand corner.
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