New Xbox 360 Arcade unit revealed by Amazon Germany?

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|07.14.10

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New Xbox 360 Arcade unit revealed by Amazon Germany?
Looking for a new, slinky Xbox 360 but don't have 250GB worth of stuff to archive on there? Sprechen Sie deutsch? Sehr gut! Amazon Germany has posted up what appears to be solid details about the cousin of the new Xbox 360 revealed at E3. Where that model has a 250GB HDD stuffed up inside, this one appears to have 4GB of some sort of flash memory and a price listed as €148.99 -- about $190. It's also listed as being a "bundle," meaning it's likely there's a game, extra controller, or novelty hat included as well. And, the thing is said to be shipping on August 20, which just so happens to be when Gamescom 2010 takes over Cologne. Finally, Cologne just so happens to be in Germany. Another surprise unveiling and announcement of units shipping immediately? We wouldn't bet against it -- except for the "surprise" bit.
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