The Daily Grind: Have you been discriminated against in game?

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|07.14.10

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One of the uglier aspects of gamer culture is the tendency to breed, shall we say, a lack of tolerance and respect for those who are "not us." The general anonymity of the online world can bring the worst out in some, with little to check these attitudes unless contrary peer pressure is summoned.

So at the risk of reopening old wounds, today we want to ask if you have ever been discriminated against in an MMO based on who you were, what you believed or what you represented. Maybe you felt the sting of ageism as you were shut out of a guild due to being "too young" for the group. Maybe your feminine voice on Vent changed how players treated you -- and not in a good way. Maybe your ethnicity, sexuality, faith, sense of humor, fashion style or cat/dog preference netted you a cold shoulder from the community. Or maybe -- and this is far-fetched -- you've been discriminated against solely because of your lackluster gear or less-than-optimal character build. Hey, it happens (or so the legend goes).

Have you been discriminated against in game? Pipe up, and let's sew those old wounds shut once and for all!
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