PopCap rolling out Zuma Blitz on Facebook

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PopCap rolling out Zuma Blitz on Facebook
Hot on the heels of PopCap stating that social features would be added to all its existing games, the company has announced Zuma Blitz for Facebook. Zuma Blitz is "expected to roll out gradually" in three weeks with a beta. The company will update the app with weekly tournaments, new levels, an 'experience points' system to unlock features and "a 'treasure chest' virtual currency-based system for obtaining in-game power-ups."

Zuma Blitz is PopCap's second "full-fledged" Facebook game. The casual e-crack developer previously released Bejeweled Blitz, which, according to PopCap, has had nearly 30 million players and 100 million sessions daily since being introduced 18 months ago.
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