TERA's Mical talks political system, endgame PvP

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.15.10

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TERA's Mical talks political system, endgame PvP
Want to know more about TERA's political system, as well as juicy details on the forthcoming action MMORPG's endgame PvP? Yeah so do we, but at the moment the best we can do is an interview with En Masse Entertainment's Jason "BrotherMagneto" Mical. The German fansite Onlinewelten managed to snag a few moments of the community manager's time, and while he steadfastly avoids revealing much beyond the title's talking points, at least the talking points are moving away from Westernization and in the general direction of actual game information.

Perhaps the most interesting comment to come out of the interview is a remark tying together the title's PvP and political systems. "Valkyon points are part of the political system, and yes they are associated with PvP as well. Political clout can be gained by defeating enemies-especially very skilled ones-or enemies with clout of their own," Mical says.

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