Red Dead Redemption's 'Legends and Killers' screens revealed

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Red Dead Redemption's 'Legends and Killers' screens revealed
One of the upcoming DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption -- henceforth referred to as "the one without the zombies" -- has been captured in screenshots. Titled "Legends and Killers," the pack includes nine multiplayer maps, eight playable characters from the original Red Dead Revolver, a tomahawk projectile weapon, and new Trophies and Achievements, which you presumably unlock by implementing the tomahawk in an unorthodox manner. Like, for spreading mustard on a delicious ham sandwich.

The "Legends and Killers" pack will land on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store next month for 800 MSP ($9.99). Check out a few screenshots of the new content in the gallery posted below.
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