BlackBerry Storm 3 detailed in training slide: same look, more RAM?

For those of you hoping that RIM could pull off a handset capable of challenging the incredibly slim and futuristic tree-borne Android handsets in the touchphone hardware arena, you'll have to dream past the Storm 3. From the looks of it, we'll be getting a fairly minor "refresh" of the Storm 2, according to our tipster, with upgrades more designed to accommodate BlackBerry 6 than anything. As seen on the slide, the phone will double the Storm 2's RAM with 512MB, the camera will be bumped up to 5 megapixels, and the WiFi is being shifted to 802.11n -- a spec RIM is already rocking on the Pearl 3G, so not unprecedented. Outside of BlackBerry 6 and that (supposedly) blazing new WebKit browser, we're probably most enthused about the "coming soon" 3G mobile hotspot functionality, something that's made our Android handsets invaluable as of late. We were already hearing the Storm 3 and Curve 3 (another refresh, says our tipster) were holiday possibles for Verizon, and the bottom of this slide points to an "___ember" month.