DECE's 'digital locker' take-anywhere DRM dubbed UltraViolet, launches later this year

We're still not sure if we believe in the promises made by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) yet -- buy a piece of content once in physical or digital format, and gain access across all formats and devices via a cloud based account -- but we're closer to finding out for ourselves now that it has a new name, UltraViolet. In case you haven't been paying attention over the last couple of years, the DECE group is already home to most of the biggest names on both the content and consumer electronics sides of the business, with the most notable holdouts being Apple and Disney, which is backing its own competing system, Keychest. The latest additions to the UltraViolet team are LG, LOVEFiLM and Marvell, while key members like Comcast, Microsoft, Intel and Best Buy are quoted in this morning's press release. Check it out for yourself after the break and keep an eye out for that grey and purple logo on movies and players later this year when it begins testing.

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Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Unveils UltraViolet™ Brand

UltraViolet to Give Consumers Greater Choice and Freedom to Purchase, Manage and Watch Digital Movies, TV Shows and Other Entertainment

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem LLC (DECE LLC), a cross-industry consortium dedicated to driving a new, open market for digital content distribution, today announced its consumer brand – UltraViolet™ – and logo ( UltraViolet represents a new way for consumers to have greater choice, confidence and freedom in how, when and where they enjoy digital movies, TV shows and other entertainment. In addition, the consortium announced three additional new members bringing the total to nearly 60 member companies.

"Our goal is to firmly establish UltraViolet as the symbol for digital entertainment – one that gives consumers the freedom of access wherever they are, the confidence of knowing how it will work and the broadest choice of content, stores and devices."

Complementing the physical DVD and Blu-ray home entertainment markets, UltraViolet will allow consumers to watch their digital entertainment across multiple platforms, such as connected TVs, PCs, game consoles, smartphones and tablet PCs, in an easy, consistent way. Since all UltraViolet offerings will work together, consumers will be able to select which products and devices they prefer from a spectrum of familiar companies – ranging from major studios to consumer electronics companies to cable, web and other service providers. In addition, the UltraViolet name and logo will help identify entertainment products and services designed to work together seamlessly.

"The introduction of the UltraViolet brand is another important step towards the consumer launch of UltraViolet products and services," said Mitch Singer, DECE president and CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. "Our goal is to firmly establish UltraViolet as the symbol for digital entertainment – one that gives consumers the freedom of access wherever they are, the confidence of knowing how it will work and the broadest choice of content, stores and devices."

The UltraViolet experience will be powered by a cloud-based UltraViolet Account, which will include a Digital Rights Locker and account management functionality. Consumers will be able to create an UltraViolet Account, free of charge, via one of the many participating UltraViolet service providers or through the UltraViolet website. Once created, this Account will allow consumers to easily access and manage all of their UltraViolet entertainment, regardless of where it was purchased.

Technical specifications and licensing details for companies who wish to offer UltraViolet content, services and devices, are expected this year.

DECE also announced the addition of LG Electronics, LOVEFiLM and Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. to the consortium. These companies join DECE's already strong group which include world leaders across a wide range of industries.

About Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) LLC

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) LLC is a cross-industry initiative developing the next generation digital media experience based on open, licensable specifications and designed to create a viable, global digital marketplace. The DECE is currently made up of Adobe, Alcatel-Lucent, Ascent Media Group, Best Buy, Blueprint Digital, BT, CableLabs, Catch Media, Cineplex Entertainment, Cisco, Comcast, Cox Communications, CSG Systems' Content Direct, Deluxe Digital, DivX, Dolby Laboratories, DTS, ExtendMedia, Fox Entertainment Group, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Irdeto, LG Electronics, Liberty Global, Lionsgate, LOVEFiLM, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc., Microsoft, MOD Systems, Motorola, Movie Labs, Nagravision, NBC Universal, NDS, Netflix, Neustar, Nokia, Panasonic, Paramount Pictures, Philips, Red Bee Media, RIAA, Rovi, Roxio CinemaNow, Samsung Electronics, Secure Path, Sony, SwitchNAP, Tesco, Thomson, Toshiba, Verimatrix, VeriSign, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Widevine Technologies Inc. and Zoran. DECE's new digital media specifications, logo program and interoperable digital rights locker will enable consumers to purchase digital video content from a choice of online retailers and play it on a variety of devices and platforms from different manufacturers.

What DECE member companies are saying about UltraViolet:


"Adobe is pleased to participate in the introduction of the UltraViolet brand and support the creation of a seamless consumer experience around premium digital content. DECE's adoption of Adobe Flash Access ensures that content providers can rely on the Flash Platform for secure distribution and playback of UltraViolet content. While this enables new revenue streams for all participants, the ultimate winner is the consumer who gains access to a seamless entertainment experience." – Florian Pestoni, principal product manager for Rich Media Solutions at Adobe


"We are proud to be a founding member of DECE and are committed to educating consumers about the ever-changing world of digital entertainment. By bringing forward the Ultraviolet brand, we will continue to advocate choice in how and where consumers choose to view their content in addition to instilling confidence in an easy-to-access system compatible across a wide array of devices." – Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager, home entertainment group for Best Buy


"We believe UltraViolet will provide a tremendous opportunity for even more choice and control by giving consumers the ability to view content from anywhere on many devices," said Mark Coblitz, senior vice president of Strategic Development for Comcast Corporation. "There is no other offering that affords such an open platform to deliver the wealth of digital entertainment choices."


"Intel is pleased to contribute to the development of the exciting new UltraViolet ™ digital media experience. UltraViolet will bring consumers a new level of choice and confidence with the freedom to enjoy their media on all of their family's devices, including PCs, smart phones, netbooks, tablets, game consoles, and connected TVs, regardless of where it was purchased," noted Jeff Lawrence, Intel director of Global Content Policy.


"Microsoft is committed to working towards digital entertainment solutions that delight consumers. As a founding member of DECE, Microsoft is furthering that goal by enabling consumer choice and confidence in digital entertainment," said Blair Westlake, corporate vice president of the Media & Entertainment Group of Microsoft Corporation. "UltraViolet is designed to provide consumers with greater options and ease-of-use for digital entertainment, which it delivers by bringing innovation and efficiency to the entertainment industry."


"UltraViolet's™ 'Digital Locker' will be intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use, and Neustar is delighted – and well-suited – to be developing the UltraViolet digital media experience," said Tim Dodd, vice president of Media and Entertainment for Neustar. "There is a great deal of complexity that underlies the brand's revolutionary promise of openness and interoperability, and Neustar is fully committed to bringing this promise to fruition for the benefit of all digital media consumers."


"Sonic's extensive involvement in DECE and our contributions in helping bring UltraViolet to market are a vital component of supporting our retail partners' digital businesses," said Dave Habiger, President and CEO, Sonic Solutions. "We will continue to align our RoxioNow platform with DECE and prepare for early implementation of UltraViolet specifications to help take digital delivery mainstream and meet consumers' expectations for convenience, ease, and flexibility."


"UltraViolet marks the beginning of a new era for consumers to access and engage with their entertainment across a variety of devices. Through the advent of a digital locker, UltraViolet provides a new perspective on the value of collecting both physical and digital media." – David Bishop, president, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


"We believe that UltraViolet will provide consumers with an easy-to-use way to buy and watch digital entertainment across multiple devices," said Thomas Gewecke, president of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. "Making interoperability possible meets a key consumer need, and fundamentally improves the digital video experience. With UltraViolet, consumers will be able to purchase a title once, and enjoy it anywhere and anytime they wish."