The Classifieds: She'll be coming 'round the mountain

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The Classifieds: She'll be coming 'round the mountain

The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including your shout-outs to perpetrators of the famous Random Acts of Uberness.

Have you ever wondered what lies on the other side of the mountain? What's going on down there below your flight-path flyover? Wonder no more: The Glitch Hunters have arrived to show you the unspoiled areas of vanilla WoW in all their pre-expansion glory. Contrary to their name, The Glitch Hunters explore entirely on live servers with no exploits or trickery. They use simple tactics to gain access to difficult-to-reach areas, including Levitate, Slow Fall, vehicle mounts, Death Grip and the liberal use of pally bubbles. "We're traversing the continents and documenting all the weird and unique landscapes and borked terrain before the Cataclysm revision hammer destroys them for good," explains Glitch Hunter Alyssa of Dawnbringer (US). Explore the entire series -- now some six episodes deep -- on The Explorers League YouTube channel.

If the scenery of classic WoW leaves you feeling nostalgic, wander through our growing collection of galleries devoted to zones that will soon feel the sweeping hand of the approaching Cataclysm: Undercity, Scholomance, Eye of Eternity, Shattrath City, Sunwell Plateau, Azshara, Tirisfal, Redridge, Stranglethorn Vale, Western Plaguelands, Quel'danas, Trial of the Crusader, Deadwind Pass, Teldrassil, Tanaris, Blackrock Mountain, Thunder Bluff, Feralas, Mulgore, Moonglade, Ironforge, Westfall, Darnassus, Thousand Needles.

Vanilla WoW holds many charms -- but if it's more current news you're after, let's crack open The Classifieds!

Random acts of uberness

Bearabull, Mannoroth (US-H); Karnage, Mannoroth (US-H) Leveling up my lock thru the LFG, any dps knows how long the wait can be at low levels and tanks are always a crapshoot. So as we loaded up, I saw our druid Bearabull (Mannoroth) pop into bear form and off we went. And he tanked it like a pro, small pulls at first, seeing exactly what skill level he had for healers and dps and eventually working up to entire room pulls through Uldaman. Karnage (Mannoroth) our Shammy Healer, never let him get below 50% no matter how big the pulls. After we finished that, Bearabull queued us up again and again, never letting a mob get away from him and Karnage keeping him up the whole time. Everyone was even nice enough to take small breaks so we could reapply the Fire Festival XP bonus for our runs. We ended up doing 8 dungeons. Thanks you two, you made me want to pug again. -- Minala, Trollbane (US-H)

Blazemourne, Mannoroth (US-A); Nyklos, Madoran (US-A) So I get into a group that just started Utgarde Pinnacle.There's just the three of us in there, just before the last boss. The PROBLEM, since two people had left and we had opted not to get more people in...was that the Instance Lock was resetting. We got to King Ymiron, engaged him, and the lock ran out about halfway through the fight, at which point we got the message about the instance resetting in 59 seconds; Accept or Leave Instance. Fortunately, we were able to kill him in that time (having faithfully ignored said warning) and relock the instance before there were any problems. So, I would like to thank Blazemourne and Nyklos for their fantastic work. If they weren't as leet as they were, we wouldn't have been able to complete the instance, and would have spent all that time in there for nothing. Great work, you two! -- Wistoovern, <Unpossible>, Zul'jin (US-A)

Grantaureno, Burning Legion (US-H); Rubios, Gorefiend (US-H); Souloffire, Shadowmoon (US-H);and Saenko, Earthen Ring (US-H) I was running a random on my druid tank in the Vindication battlegroup, when BRD popped. Seeing as this was my 8th character leveling through the world, I know my way around the old instances pretty well and I pride myself on leading full clears of BRD every chance I get. So, I proceeded with Grantaureno (Burning Legion) healing me and Rubios (Gorefiend), Souloffire (Shadowmoon), and Saenko (Earthen Ring) killing things quite quickly. We made it through the Lyceum, but wiped due to runners in the throne room. Instead of breaking up, we ran back, got the key quest and everybody keys, then went back and cleared the instance. I would just like to thank them for a truly uber run. -- Gorgcow, Lightning's Blade (US-H)

Macciavella, Chamber of Aspects (EU-A) yesterday i decided to goto the auction house and buy myself some frozen orbs in order to finish levelling my tailoring. through my own stupid fault i misread auctioneer and thought that it said 236g for a stack of 10. it actually said 236g per item. in my rush to get the items i accidentally bought these frozen orbs costing me 2360g. i was gutted that i had made such a stupid foolhardy mistake. i decided to message said seller, a person by the name of macciavella on chamber of aspects eu, explaining my situation and how i purchased them by mistake etc. this of course was a long shot and i resigned myself to being 2360g down. i logged in today to have a mail from said person sending me my gold back. suffice to say i was very surprised. i sent him his 10 frozen orbs back and a nice tip of 300g for being so generous. -- Hobgoblyn, Chamber of Aspects (EU-A)

Theabyss, Burning Blade; Faylene, Aggrammar (US-A); Pokezita, Ragnaros (US-A) We got DTK and had a pally tank who seemed a bit pushy and wanted to skip every non-essential boss (ie, every boss but the first and last). He grudgingly did the second boss when a mage spoke up and said s/he needed it for a quest. But when we got to King Dred, the pally tank continued up the stairs as myself and the rest of the group waited below, wanting to do the boss. One thing led to another, and the pally basically said "I'm the tank, what I say goes, if you want to do it yourselves go right on ahead but I won't help" and dropped group. The hunter asked for lead, he had a warrior tank he could bring in, but before the tank could run to us, the mage accidentally pulled King Dred. The group immediately sprung into action; our dear Rogue was able to hold aggro and successfully tanked King Dred while I kept him alive. And surprisingly, he was easier to heal than our previous tank!! It was touch-and-go, but in the end we succeeded in killing him with no casualties. So I wanted to give mad props to the 3 dps in the group that day (and thanks to the warrior for coming in to fill the spot!), for sticking it out and just being awesome. Thanks guys! I do hope to cross paths with you again some day. :) -- Kyleigh, Aggrammar (US-A)

News: Around the WoW community

Playing WoW for charity Don't forget to tune in to the 12-day, livestreamed WoW marathon, WoWathon 2, now raising money for Child's Play (the charity group bringing video games and other toys to children's hospitals worldwide). Find more on the event at, and follow WoWathon on Twitter.

All together now: Awwww ... This tale of romance and adventure just in from Tahregan, Wyrmrest Accord (US-A): "On Tuesday, July 13, after sending Malygos back where he came from for the weekly, the guild <One Phoenix Forever> hit Ulduar for fun and for people who did not have the chance to experience it when it was the latest progression content. After much success, we reached Watcher Thorim and his beloved Sif. The fight went smoothly, but the two lovers were not reunited. Turns out Sif is a tentacle. Figure. Fast-forward 10 minutes or so, our guild leader Tyrathin says on the guild chat: 'Awww, [Illania] just proposed to me in probably the most nerdy way possible!' and he then linked a Flawless Diamond Solitaire! Everyone went 'Aaaaaaw!' -- and that's how after downing the famous lovers Thorim and Sif, <One Phoenix Forever>'s very own leader and co-leader got engaged after the tragic love story of Thorim and Sif. A good day."

Voice control project seeks feedback Reader Anotherdk has been dabbling in the wild frontier of voice-controlled WoW, and he's seeking your feedback on whether or not the project seems viable. Anotherdk doesn't write the software, but rather bundles the various programs, addons and macros together.

Possible applications?
  • use by disabled people with limited or no access to a keyboard or mouse
  • emergent gameplay ("There are melee hunters and two-handed weapon shaman, so why can't there be voice-controlling players?" asks Anotherdk.)
  • third source of character control or a "third hand" for regular players
  • spellcasting for RPers

"The reason I want to bring attention to this video is because I want to receive feedback on if people (especially disabled ones) need this at all or not," he explains. "So if they need, I'll continue my work, and if not, I'll abandon it. It's not rocket science but still needs some time and money to continue." Visit Anotherdk's YouTube channel to check out his work and leave comments about the project.

Employment: Guild recruiting

Hardcore people, casual atmosphere <Epicism> of Rexxar (US-A) is seeking new members to join its new guild. "We are looking to create an adult playing experience that values camaraderie as much as it cherishes efficiency," writes the guild's recruiter. Guild to launch July 30; for more details, visit their website.

10-man ICC <Flagrant> of Lightbringer (US-A) is seeking tanks, healers and DK tanks for its 10-man 11/12 ICC group. Raids Wed./Fri. 6:45-10:15 p.m. PDT. "We are looking for talented players who prefer a casual raiding environment," notes its recruiter."We need players who are decently geared, smart, and reliable. Must know your class or be willing to learn."

CasualCore ICC-10 raiding <Cold Fusion> of Turalyon (EU-H) is looking for additional members for a second 10-man team. "We are a casually hardcore formal raiding group, focusing on 10-man hard modes," writes CF's recruiter. "We consider ourselves to be a CasualCore raiding guild because we do not raid five days a week like a hardcore raiding guild." Raids Wed./Tues. 8:30-11 p.m. or Thurs./Sun. 8:30-11 p.m.

The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, help finding the right guild, who's making waves in the WoW community and more. Email your news and Random Acts of Uberness to
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