Final Fantasy XIV confirms launch classes

Final Fantasy XIV's class system is one of the defining elements of the game, as it was in Final Fantasy XI. The game has revealed 18 different classes, or disciplines in the game's parlance, spread across four categories -- war (weapon-using fighters), magic (casters), hand (crafters), and land (gatherers). As it turns out, it's been revealed via Famitsu that the game will launch with 18 playable classes, meaning that we know all of the options for play already. Of course, 18 classes that can share abilities isn't exactly an anemic offering to begin with.

For some players, this might be a bit disappointing, as it means only two casting classes will be available at launch, the thaumaturge and the conjurer. Disciples of the hand are the most numerous, with armourers, blacksmiths, weavers, goldsmiths, carpenters, culinarians, leatherworkers, and alchemists. Miners, botanists, and fishermen round out the disciples of the land, and lancers, archers, gladiators, marauders, and pugilists fill out the disciples of war. While there will be additional classes after launch, it looks like this is what will be in the game to start -- useful information for a Final Fantasy XIV hopeful to chew on.