Synaptics shows off multitouch screens for multitouch tablets up to 10.1-inches

If there's one thing the world needs it's a few more tablets, tablets with fancy multitouch screens, and that's exactly what Synaptics is helping to spread. The company has announced a suite of touchscreens called the ClearPad 7200 series in sizes up to 10.1-inches, each offering the 10-point multitouch capacitive juju we've come to expect from the company. All support Windows 7 as well as Android and other Linux-based OSes, meaning they could start showing up all over the place. Speaking of, the screens appear to be available to OEMs nowish ahead of products using them coming to retail by the end of the year. No word on cost, but if you were looking to buy a couple-hundred thousand of them Synaptics would surely be happy to make you a deal.