Time Inc. execs said to be frustrated over lack of iPad magazine subcriptions

Updated ·1 min read

Not interested in paying $4.99 for an issue of a magazine on your iPad? Well, Time Inc. execs don't seem to be too keen on the idea either. As Peter Kafka of All Things Digital reports, Time was planning to launch a subscription version of its Sports Illustrated iPad app last month in which you'd pay Time directly, but Apple apparently rejected the app at the last minute and left Time with no other choice than to sell issues one at a time for the usual $4.99. What's more, some Time Inc. execs have reportedly "been going nuts" over the situation, which is complicated even further by the fact that some companies like The Wall Street Journal do have a different arrangement for billing customers directly. As for Apple, it simply notes that it supports two platforms for publishers: the "open" HTML5, and the "curated" App Store, while Time insists that it will offer in-app subscriptions sometime "later this year."