Toshiba's latest Cell Regza LCDs are Slim, but don't go calling them 2D

Ready to climb Mount Fuji and see what the next top Japanese TV will look like? Toshiba has just outed its trio of flag-bearing displays for this fall: the Cell Regza Slim 55XE2 and 46XE2, and the full-bloodied 55X2. Inch-based dimensions are already given in their model names, but you'll also want to know they offer 240Hz refresh rates, 1,000 nits of brightness and 9,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratios on the chunkier X2 (augmented with local backlight dimming), and a 2D-to-3D conversion technology that'll translate your stale old 2D imagery into bodacious triple dimensionality. You're also keeping the 3 terabytes of storage and the capability of time-shifting up to eight channels at a time from the older model, though you're no longer limited to a hard cap of 26 hours per channel. Connectivity is also rich, with options for DLNA and/or up to eight HDDs, while jacking in a Blu-ray recorder will permit you to record straight to the optical media the same way you can do to the Regzas' own storage. All these goodies won't come cheap, however, as the flagship 55X2 will retail for a well-rounded million Yen ($11,430) in late October, to be preceded by its Slim siblings with prices of ¥700,000 ($8,000) for the 55-inch and ¥600,000 ($6,858) for the 46-inch earlier that month. Full press release after the break.

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Toshiba Unveils CELL REGZA LCD TV Series with Superior 3D Capabilities
-Toshiba's Real Time 2D3D Conversion Technology -
28 Jul, 2010

Tokyo-Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today unveiled the latest additions in its line-up of CELL REGZA LCD TVs integrating the Cell Broadband Engine™1, designed for superior multimedia processing, and the advanced CELL Platform. The three new LCD TVs, the CELL REGZA 55X2, CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE2 and 46XE2, all offer comprehensive 3D capabilities2, including 3D Super Resolution Technology that upgrades 3D content to superior near high definition content, and 2D3D Conversion Technology3 that allows users to enjoy 2D content as high quality 3D. The CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE2 and 46XE2 will be available from the beginning of October, and the 55X2 from the end of October in the Japanese market.

As 3D TV moves into the spotlight, Toshiba has made sure that its new CELL REGZA TVs offer an unsurpassed 3D experience. 3D Super Resolution Technology, takes 3D content separately delivered to the left and right eye through the side-by-side system4, the system most widely adopted for 3D broadcasts, and brings it to near high definition quality in 3D. In addition, Toshiba's 2D3D conversion technology captures and analyzes image composition and movement in 2D content and converts it to 3D with precise rendering and natural, high definition images.

Superb 3D is complemented by state-of-the-art picture quality. The new CELL REGZA 55X2 offers viewers a dynamic contrast5 ratio of 9,000,000:1, and integrates a Mega LCD panel specially designed to interface with the CELL REGZA's high luminance LED. This combination assures 3D images with stunningly bright whites, while the wide dynamic range achieved by backlight luminance adjustment delivers deep, detailed blacks.

CELL REGZA TVs also offer unrivaled image-enhancing capabilities that utilize the arithmetic processing capabilities of the CELL Platform. The new TVs adopt "CELL REGZA Block Noise Clear", an HD distortion removal technology that delivers clearer HD TV program, and also supports quadrupling of the effect of ClearScan 2406, a four-times scan frame rate that improves processing of fast action content for a clear, crisp picture.

The new CELL REGZA TVs continue to offer storage capacity of a 3-terabyte (TB)7 hard disk drive. A 2TB hard disk drive dedicated to the CELL REGZA's "time-shift machine 2," 8 which can simultaneously record up to eight channels of digital terrestrial broadcasts. In the earlier model, the CELL REGZA 55X1, a maximum recording time of approximately 26 hours was fixed for each channel. With the new models, recording times will change depending on the channels9 that are set-up for simultaneous recording. Also, easy operation of playback of recorded programs includes "Jump to the start" function, which allows viewers to playback a program that is still being recorded using the time-shift function.

When connected to a REGZA Blu-ray Disc recorder10, the CELL REGZA TVs can record programs directly11 to a Blu-ray disc as they are recorded to the hard disk drive using standard recording, not the time shift function.

Toshiba will continue to advance the CELL REGZA series as the cutting-edge of TV technology that draws on synergies between its semiconductor and storage device technologies. The company will continue to expand the line-up, to create and deliver new value to the market and to anticipate and respond to various user needs. For overseas markets, LCD TVs that build on the CELL REGZA concept and that meet market demands in the U.S. and Europe will be rolled out in due course.

Background to Development

As Japan approaches the end of analogue broadcasting in 2011, demand for digital TVs continues to increase. The market has now entered a period of diversifying customer requirements, as initial requirements for HD images and slimmer TVs are joined by demands for playback of high image quality 3D content, a recording function supporting simultaneous viewing and recording of multiple programs, and access to broadband content. In response, Toshiba developed the CELL REGZA integrating the Cell Broadband Engine™ and its innovative CELL Platform. Utilizing the arithmetic processing capabilities of the CELL Platform, Toshiba has now developed the second generation of CELL REGZA LCD TVs, the 55X2, 55XE2, and 46XE2, which offer advances in picture quality, recording function and network capabilities.
Key Features of the CELL REGZA

1. CELL Platform Super Resolution Technology achieves near high definition images

The CELL Platform supports the most advanced version of Toshiba's super resolution technology. Faithful image reproduction includes enhanced edge detail and color saturation, and also extends to better rendering of video from the Internet.

·3D Super Resolution Technology: Self-congruency captures edge detail

The Side-by-Side system is applied to high-definition broadcasts, including CS digital broadcasts, BS digital and SKY PerfecTV! HD, for the broadcasting of 3D contents. The Side-by-Side system divides each frame into two and delivers a 960-pixel image to each eye. To achieve HD output to match that of the 1,920 pixels of the Full HD panel, the images delivered to each eye must be doubled in size. Toshiba's innovative "3D Super Resolution Technology" upgrades 3D content delivered through Side-by-Side system to near high definition image quality. Within 3D Super Resolution Technology, "Reproduction technology" reproduces faithful images of the edge detail and image texture of the lower resolution image from the original and detects areas that can be improved during the process of enlarging the size of the image. "Self-congruency" then reconstructs the edge of the picture with more detail and greater realism. It samples successive patterns with the same intensity around the edge of images, and then copies pixels from these more defined areas to other parts of the edge. The result is more precise detail and more realistic near high definition 3D images.

·2D3D Converting Technology

Toshiba's 2D3D conversion technology CELL TV allow users to enjoy various 2D content as high quality 3D. The 2D3D conversion technology is based on an algorithm that combines high speed with high precision. It allocates depth by capturing the characteristic of the input image and by detecting and recognizing vectors of movement of several objects.

·High Luminance Mega LED Panel (For CELL REGZA 55X2)

CELL REGZA integrates a Mega LED panel specially designed to interface with the CELL REGZA's high luminance LED. Together they achieve outstanding picture quality that is further enhanced by the CELL Platform. A peak luminance of 1,000cd/m2 (the display's highest level of brightness and the maximum yet achieved in the industry) assures stunningly bright whites, while the wide dynamic range achieved by backlight luminance adjustment delivers a dynamic contrast ratio of 9,000,000:1, assuring deep, detailed blacks. The LED block array function divides the display into 512 (16 x 32 blocks) areas. This increase enables much closer management of image contrast and brings out image detail to the full.

·AutoView Function for 3D

When looking at 3D content through 3D glasses, the color contrast, brightness, impression of the outline of imaged object, and image gradation, all change. The 256 point 16 bit output gamma table and complete 3D color management that have been integrated into the CELL platform realize more faithful color reproduction. Also, the brightness of TV and color contrast of the surrounding area will change when looked at through 3D glasses. Optimum picture quality is achieved by automatic fine-tuning of backlighting and white balance in response to the changes in color contrast and brightness. Moreover the "X2" model, by utilizing the Mega LED backlight's peak luminance of 1,000cd/m2 realizes brighter 3D content. The 3D glasses integrate Toshiba's crosstalk control technology, and controlling the on-off switching of the backlight and the open-close of the shutter in the 3D glasses minimizes crosstalk12 and image blurring, providing clearer, more solid 3D images.

·CELL REGZA Block Noise Clear

The new CELL REGZA comes with HD distortion removal technology that removes distortion of HD images based on analysis of 8 x 8 blocks of pixels. It estimates the strength of block distortion, the maximum luminance of the surroundings and maximum image inclination, and then reproduces original images, all in real time.

·Quattro High Speed Clear

Along with the four-times faster 240Hz LCD panel that improves reproduction of fast moving video images, Toshiba's "Quattro High Speed Clear" frame complementary technology controls blurring and realizes crisp, clear images. "Quattro Motion Clear" technology inserts three frames containing the same image to complement an original image with a frame rate of 60Hz, including digital terrestrial broadcasting, and so realizes smooth rendering of video images. By detecting the movement across an area 30 times13 wider than Toshiba's current LCD TVs, "Quattro High Speed Clear" creates a complementary frame, also in response to the fast movement. For original sources that have a frame rate of 24Hz, such as movies, "Quattro Motion Clear" produces and inserts nine complementary frames.

·Quadrupling the effect of ClearScan 240 (CELL REGZA 55X2)

Toshiba's ClearScan 240 defines the standard for blur-free fast moving images, but with the CELL REGZA the company sets the bar even higher. By combining the four-times faster panel and its 240Hz scan rate with its new Backlight Scanning technology, Toshiba now achieves four times the effect of ClearScan 240 scanning, making action scenes crisper than ever.

2. Support for Multiple recording and playback functions

·Time Shift Machine 2

Another feature of CELL REGZA is its 3-terabyte (TB) storage capacity. A 2TB HDD is dedicated to the CELL REGZA's "time-shift machine 2," which can simultaneously record programs from up to eight channels of digital terrestrial broadcasts. In the earlier model, the CELL REGZA 55X1, a maximum recording time of approximately 26 hours was fixed for each channel. With the new models, recording times will change depending on the channels that have been initially set-up for the simultaneous recording. For instance, if time shift recording is set for two channels, they can record up to approximately 102 hours of programs. An additional 1TB HDD supports standard recording of selected programs. Also, easy operation of playback of recorded programs includes "Jump to the start" function, which allows viewers to playback a program that is still being recorded using the time-shift function.

·REGZA Link Recording

Connecting a Blu-ray Disc recorder "REGZA Blu-ray" 10 via an HDMI cable with LAN cable function allows the CELL REGZA LCD TVs to record programs directly11 to the Blu-ray disc as they recorded to the 1TB HDD using standard recording, not the time shift function.

·Other functions

-Simultaneous connection of up to 8 USB hard disk drives14
-Supports the playback function for recorded programs used by SKY PerfecTV! HD15
-"Roaming Navigation" that supports relevancy-based searches
-"Recommendation Service", an on-line service that allows viewers to see rankings of programs aggregated from programs recorded to the Blu-ray Disc recorders and HD recorders connected to the service.
-Double recording function16 that allows simultaneous recording of 2 programs to the 1TB HDD simultaneously in standard recording mode, while watching digital terrestrial broadcasts.

3. Network functionality

Support for Opera browser
A browser supporting full HD, based on the Opera17 browser and co-developed with Opera Software. Access to on-line content includes provides full support for viewing YouTube18 videos at near HD level quality. In addition, CELL REGZA supports:
- Broadband service
- DLNA19

4. CELL REGZA Audio System 2

CELL REGZA's picture quality is complemented by a specially designed audio system and multi-amplifier system that delivers vibrant, full-bodied sound far surpassing that of current TV sound systems.
-CELL REGZA Speaker Unit is developed with Foster.
-Double woofer unit, soft dome tweeter unit; passive radiator resinous slim enclosure.

5. Others

·Screen Size: 55X2: 55-inches, 55XE2:55-inches, 46XE2: 46-inches

·Hard Disk: 3TB (Built-in)

55X2: Monitor: 129.2 x 91.6 x 35.5cm (W x H x D) (including stand)
(Monitor only: Depth 5.0cm)
Tuner: 43.6 x 10.9 x 38.7cm (tentative) excluding external projection

55XE2: Monitor: 129.2 x 91.6 x 35.5cm (including stand)
(Monitor only: Depth 2.9cm)
Tuner: 43.6 x 10.9 x 38.7cm (tentative) excluding external projection)

46XE2: Monitor: 110.0 x 79.3 x 28.8cm (including stand)
(Monitor only: Depth 2.9cm)
Tuner: 43.6 x 10.9 x 38.7cm (tentative) excluding external projection)

For further information, visit
(The above web site is in Japanese)

6. Focus on Environmental Considerations

Mitigation of global warming
- Power consumption is controlled by maintaining optimum image brightness.
- The TV automatically goes into stand-by mode if no command is received from the remote controller for approximately three hours.
- Stand-by mode operates when the TV is set to external input and no signal is received for approximately 15 minutes.

·Effective use of resources

All CELL REGZA components that use over 25g of plastics indicate the materials used and are designed for recycling. Moreover, polylactic oil and fat of plant origin are used that contributes to the reduction of oil resources and reduction of CO2 emission.

·RoHS20 and J-Moss21 (Green Mark)compatible

CELL REGZA contributes to moves toward environmentally conscious products by observing the requirements of the EU's RoHS and Japan's J-Moss.