Engadget Podcast 207 - 07.31.2010

The Engadget Podcasters are chattin' re: magic, black magic, crack, GHB, Kmart, and Ashton.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Sadnes - Wicked Game

00:01:29 - New Amazon Kindle announced: $139 WiFi-only version and $189 3G model available August 27th in the US and UK
00:07:33 - Amazon sees e-book sales surpassing paper versions, has Mirasol technology in the Kindle labs
00:13:30 - RIM takes control of, laughter takes control of our minds
00:13:53 - RIM's 9.7-inch Blackpad rumored for November launch -- yes, Blackpad
00:14:22 - RIM and AT&T event next Tuesday -- BlackBerry slider and OS 6 en route?
00:24:32 - Apple iMac line gets speedbumped, low-end gets a Core i3
00:25:57 - Apple Mac Pro line overhauled with 12 processing cores, arriving in August for $4,999
00:26:17 - Apple Magic Trackpad official, shipping now for $69
00:26:30 - Magic Trackpad review
00:28:45 - Apple Battery Charger gets official: a battery charger, only you know, better (update: hands-on)
00:33:45 - Apple issues Magic Trackpad drivers for OS X and Windows, updates MacBooks with new gesture support
00:34:50 - Library of Congress adds DMCA exception for jailbreaking or rooting your phone
00:36:50 - Did the Fifth Circuit just make breaking DRM legal? Not quite.
00:51:28 - Augen's $99 GenBook smartbook preview
00:54:30 - Augen's $150 Android tablet hits Kmart circular, coming to stores later this week

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