Apple Magic Trackpad official, shipping now for $69

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|07.27.10

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Apple Magic Trackpad official, shipping now for $69
It's not like Apple could very well keep it a secret anymore, so today we're being treated to the official unveiling of the Magic Trackpad. This wireless touch input receptacle -- already thoroughly leaked, trademarked, and FCC-approved -- has just made its debut in, of all places, Apple's Store app for iOS 4. It's basically exactly what you'd expect: a glass-covered, aluminum-shelled replicator of the glorious multitouch experience on offer in Apple's MacBooks, only for the desktop. The Trackpad is battery-powered, communicates via Bluetooth fairy dust, and is ready to ship out right this minute for a dollar under 70 bucks.%Gallery-98271%
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