Operation Flashpoint: Red River revealed in upcoming OXM

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River revealed in upcoming OXM
It appears that we'll see another addition to the Operation Flashpoint series in the coming year, with Operation Flashpoint: Red River being outed recently by OXM UK (via CVG). Other than revealing the title, OXM UK editor John Hicks also noted that the game is a sequel to last year's Dragon Rising and feels "tighter, more focused" than the last game. Presumably, Red River is being developed by Codemasters' Southam studio, as revealed by Codies VP Gavin Cheshire just last week.

Unfortunately, no other details are known on the title -- other than a wide open "2011" intended release window -- so we'll have to assume the "Red River" name is in reference to a secret war fought on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, near the Red River of the North. No? Perhaps a shadow insurgency on the Red River Cereal plant? Fine -- we give up then! If you want to know more about the game for real real, the upcoming issue of OXM UK will have all the details.
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