Brazilian laundry soap comes with a GPS surprise

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|08.02.10

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Brazilian laundry soap comes with a GPS surprise
The crackerjack marketing teams at Unilever Brazil have come up with a promotion for the ages -- they've implanted GPS tracking devices into fifty boxes of the popular Omo laundry soap, and plan to follow buyers all the way to their doorsteps. We're sure it's a harmless promotion -- the chosen get a free video camera -- but on paper it sounds hilariously bad. You see, the promotions agency (aptly named Bullet) may be knocking on doors in neighborhoods with high crime rates, where unwitting individuals may not open the door, but should that happen there's a backup plan -- they'll instruct the box to start beeping via remote. If the bomb scare doesn't smoke out prospective winners, we're not sure if Bullet will bash down the doors, but the disastrous recipe also includes plans to post the general vicinity where winners live (complete with photographs) at an experimental website. And you thought Walmart's new RFID tags were bad.
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