CTA's $20 Baby: Ultimate Boxing Gloves for PS Move

Well, it was only a matter of time before CTA started churning out accessories for the PS Move. Not unlike a similar offering for the Wii, the Ultimate Boxing Gloves are meant to add "realism and excitement to boxing and street-fighting games" by providing "fist-clenching ability" and compatibility "with all PS Move boxing game launches, including The Fight: Lights Out." Also on tap for the company are the Triple Port Charging Station (for simultaneously charging your PS Move Controller, Navigation Controller and Sixaxis controller), Dual Port (charging one PS Move Controller / Navigation Controller set) and Quadruple Port Charging Stations (for two sets of controllers). Sounds great, guys -- but we're still holding out for something incorporating wings or a rowing machine. Charging Stations due out in September, while the gloves should be available October 1 for $20. PR after the break.

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CTA Digital's Ultimate Boxing Gloves Add Realism, Safety to PlayStation Move

To complement the action of the PlayStation Move, CTA Digital is introducing its Ultimate Boxing Gloves, which allow gamers to securely grip the PlayStation Move controllers during gaming. The fist-clenching ability and feel of the gloves adds realism and excitement to boxing and street-fighting games, while the secure elastic strap prevents controllers from slipping out.

BROOKLYN, NY – Preparing for the September launch of the PlayStation Move, Sony's motion-control sensor gaming platform, as well as the game The Fight: Lights Out, CTA Digital has announced its Ultimate Boxing Gloves.

The Ultimate Boxing Gloves feature Velcro pouches on the inside of the palm to secure the PlayStation Move controller, as well as adjustable Velcro wrist straps for a snug fit. Gamers can slide the PlayStation Move controllers into the elastic sleeves in the palms of the gloves to secure the controllers while playing, and throw punches as hard as they want, since the PlayStation Move controllers are secured tightly in the pouches.

Because of Move's accuracy, boxing is anticipated to be a lot more fun than other platforms. Gamers can experience a more realistic, intense boxing match or street fight with these padded, comfortable, lightweight gloves. With the snug fit and secured controllers, gamers can safely punch away, immersing themselves in the games. The feel of the fingerless gloves adds the sensation of really fighting, whether in a ring or on the streets. The lightweight material allows for freedom of movement during matches. The gloves adjust to securely fit all hand sizes and are fully compatible with all PS Move boxing game launches, including The Fight: Lights Out.

The Ultimate Boxing Gloves will be available for purchase on Amazon ( and will be the perfect addition to any gamers' cache of accessories for the PlayStation Move.

CTA Digital Debuts another Unique Accessory: The Triple Port Charging Station for PlayStation Move and PS3 SIXAXIS Controllers

With the introduction of CTA Digital's exclusive Triple Port Charging Station, gamers can charge their PlayStation Move Controller and Navigation Controller, alongside a PS3 Sixaxis controller at the same time.

BROOKLYN, NY – In time for the September launch of the PlayStation Move, Sony's motion-control sensor gaming platform, CTA Digital has announced the release of a unique Triple Port Charging Station for PlayStation Move and Sixaxis controllers. Being the only such charger to be launched, it is a complete solution for PS3 lovers to enjoy maximum value, by being able to charge the PS Move Controller, a Navigation Controller and one PS3 SIXAXIS Controller simultaneously. Gamers can charge their controllers on an AC-powered base that requires no wired hookups to the controllers themselves.

Unlike any other charging station, the Triple Port Charging Station accommodates a regular controller, simplifying the controller-charging process for gamers. Due to be launched on September 25th, this charger is expected to be the ideal accompaniment to the Playstation motion gaming platform.

The Charge Station is powered with 5V 1.2A AC adapter, and also run on a 1200MA current, freeing up the USB ports on the PlayStation unit for other peripherals. LED light on the charger turns blue while charging, red when fully charged, and off when the controller is removed. The Charging Stations takes advantage of the PlayStation Move controllers' internal battery by simply allowing gamers to place the controllers upright.

In addition to the Triple Port Charging Station, CTA Digital is set to release Dual Port Charging Station and a Quadruple Port Charging Station, to hold one set of PlayStation Move Controller and Navigation Controller, and two sets of PlayStation Move Controllers and Navigation Controllers, respectively.

All three chargers are slated for a September 25 release; the Dual Port Charging Station (, Triple Port Charging Station (, and Quadruple Port Charging Station (, and will be available on Amazon and be the perfect addition to any gamers' cache of accessories for the PlayStation Move.


Keep your PlayStation® Move Controllers as well as your Sixaxis Controller fully charged, and ready to use, while keeping everything organized in a small, elegant charging station. Since Sony PlayStation 3 Controllers and Move controllers (The Navigation Controller and the Motion Controller) have internal rechargeable batteries, operating this charging base is simple. Just stand the Move controllers vertically on the base, and rest your Sixaxis controller on the base as well. You can recharge your controllers, with out having to plug cables into them, or your PlayStation 3 Console. This Charging Station is powered by an AC adapter, which means nothing will have to occupy a USB ports on your console in order to recharge all your gear.


• Powered by an included AC adapter
• Recharges the internal batteries in your controllers
• Compatible with PlayStation® Move and PlayStation® 3 Controllers
• Organizes your Controllers while recharging them while not in use


• AC Adapter is 5V 1.2A
• LED lights on PlayStation® Move Controllers Blink while charging
• LED lights on charge stand illuminate blue while charging
• LED lights illuminate Red when charged fully
• The packaging includes 1 piece AC adapter.
• The working current for charge station is 1200 mAh

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