iOS 4.1 beta 3 breaks loose (update: Game Center killed on iPhone 3G and second gen iPod touches)

Member of the illustrious iPhone Developer Program? Well, aren't you special? So special, in fact, that you're once again being granted access to a highly-coveted iOS build that the unwashed commoners can't get: yet another beta of iOS 4.1. This time around, it's beta 3, suggesting that Apple might be getting close to having this thing ready for the mass market; after all, it's been just a week since beta 2, and Apple tends to accelerate the pace when a release is drawing near. Now, what about that iPad version?

Update: Looks like there's some bad news for legacy users in this update... namely the fact that Game Center compatibility for second gen iPod touches and the iPhone 3G has been dropped. Thanks for nothing, Apple!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]