HTC Paradise and Fiesta flipped on Craiglist, AT&T-bound?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.04.10

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HTC Paradise and Fiesta flipped on Craiglist, AT&T-bound?
Look familiar? We know, it's tough to keep this endless barrage of Android gear straight, so let us refresh your memory: this phone, allegedly the HTC Paradise, matches up perfectly with a model PC70110 that we spied in the FCC all the way back in April on its way to AT&T. Sure enough, some lucky dude apparently scooped it up as an "AT&T sample" from an eager seller on Craigslist recently -- and considering that the only QWERTY Android device that the carrier's got right now is the Backflip, we'd be delighted to see it come along any day now. That's not the only unreleased piece of hardware he managed to score, though: turns out he also got the Fiesta, a phone we haven't heard about in a full year and could very well have fallen on the scrap heap by now. The picture provided of the Fiesta isn't that great (check the Source link to see it), but from what we see and the fact that it's got a 3.2 megapixel camera, our guess is that it's been supplanted at retail by the Aria. At any rate, good to see AT&T seems to be keeping the heat on Android.
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