Google's Schmidt boasts 200K Android devices sold daily, waxes intellectual on society and technology

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is quite the quotable man -- we hear he's pretty chatty at coffee shops, too -- and at the Techonomy conference, he hasn't failed to disappoint. First, some cold hard data: according to Schmidt, about 200,000 new Android devices are being sold each day, which he claims is up from 100,000 daily sales about two months ago (and up from the 60,000 daily activations from April). That number is just one drip from a stream of good news for the platform this week, including 866 percent year-over-year growth and the top spot in NPD's sales rankings. We're fairly confident there's a team of top mathematicians, statisticians, and engineers in Mountain View right now tasked with finding new and innovative ways to boast about Android's success.

Speaking of Techonomy, Schmidt used some of his on-stage time to discuss the new concerns technology has engendered. "The technology of course is neutral but society is not fundamentally ready," he said, claiming AI today could very likely use location-based services and predict where a person was going next, among other nightmares for privacy advocates. Schmidt opines that it's up to the society on how the collected information is regulated while computers do what they do best -- gather and recall information. We like think adorable kitten pictures falls nicely into that latter category, and that's all we care about anyway.