WoW Rookie: Loremaster, a completist's dream

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WoW Rookie: Loremaster, a completist's dream
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For those of us who are leveling up or even digging into a fresh 80, there's never been a better time to fold in The Loremaster to the ol' to-do list. Flying your Loremaster title proves you've been around the block; it's not like The Explorer, which you can hoof your way through even at level 1. Earning your Loremaster title means grinding out literally hundreds and hundreds of quests over every step of your journey through Azeroth, Outland and Northrend, from level 1 through level 80. It's the completist player's dream, a title that shows you've paid your dues in every zone at every level of the game.

We're not bringing this up now as just one more item to chuck into your pre-Cataclysm bucket list; indeed, The Loremaster won't be going anywhere in Cataclysm. While none of the numbers of quests required for completion have been adjusted yet to accommodate Cataclysm material, Blizzard has assured players not to worry about it. The Loremaster quest count has been updated before, so we should be confident that it will be adjusted again.

Still, if you're playing through the old content anyway, it simply makes sense to run through quests that will be disappearing when the expansion cracks Azeroth apart at the seams. Sure, there'll be plenty of new quests to do -- but you'll never get the chance to run all of these particular quests again.

What's involved?

There are four parts to achieving the overall The Loremaster title:
Your reward: the Loremaster's Colors and the title Loremaster <Name>.

The strategy

Before you even think about beginning, make sure you're up on the tricks of the trade when it comes to questing. Click that link right this very moment! We'll wait for you to get back.

OK, now that you're back ... If leveling up in a logical fashion is your first priority, your plan of attack will probably be different than that of players who're already at the level cap. There are many, many more quests in any given zone than you'll need to level up enough for the next area. Completing every single quest in every single zone along the way will leave you over-leveled for most zones and instances long before you reach them. Think ahead, keep an eye on your XP bar and the level ranges of upcoming zones, and make sure you don't ruin your own fun.

If you're not particularly worried about tackling every area (or certain areas) at a level-appropriate moment, then you're free to attack this achievement with zest. As you move into new zones with your pumped-up levels, you may find the XP a little less rich -- but the cash and cumulative XP will flow like wine.

Be sure to turn on low-level quest tracking on your minimap before you begin. Finish each zone before you move to the next. A questing addon (more details, below) can help you make sure you haven't missed anything. Stay organized, and don't head into any expansion material until you've completed everything from the previous portion of the game.

Sort out the details with addons

Keeping track of which quests you've done and which are available still to do used to be a nightmare. Unless you literally played with a notebook and pencil at your side, tracking every completed quest, you had no way of knowing where you stood. Today, the game keeps track of completed quests under the hood. All you need to do is install an addon that will show you what's done and what's left in an easy-to-read format.

The big name on the block these days seems to be EveryQuest; download it here, as well as this handy addition that shows all the quest givers and their available quests right on your map.

Another popular alternative worth investigating is Loremaster.

Know your lore

The entire Loremaster project will be even more entertaining if you can keep the storylines in context. Bone up! We've got a huge range of lore resources right here at
  • Lore 101 How exactly do you find all of WoW's story elements when they are literally scattered across several different games, comics, manga and novels? How do you know what should be taken as official lore and what to throw away as mere speculation? We'll show you the ropes.
  • Know Your Lore Our wildly popular series peers more deeply into the epic figures, key zones and movers and shakers of Azeroth, Outland, Northrend ... and beyond.
  •'s Guide to the Lore of Warcraft Here it is: the lore of the WoW world, indexed and at your fingertips.

Happy questing – and may we see that new title over your head (relatively) soon!

Rookie tip of the week

Reader Rekoor is right -- it always pays to RTM.

With the new(er), built-in quest-helper mechanic in the game, it is easier than ever for players to just pick up quests and go without ever stopping to actually read the quests. However, there occasionally comes a time when just knowing where to go for your quest isn't enough. So before you go asking in general or guild chat, read through the quest to avoid chances of a public flogging. Not only will the quests provide you with further details you need, but each one has its own bit of story to follow along with and perhaps give you a greater sense of purpose as you progress through the world.

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