EVE Online's deep safe spot nerf to be deployed on Tuesday

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EVE Online's deep safe spot nerf to be deployed on Tuesday
Safe spots are an integral part of EVE Online's tactical warfare, making it harder for other players to locate and consequently destroy your ship. They're created by making a bookmark while in warp, which causes the bookmark to lead to the middle of nowhere. When you're on the run from bad guys, you can often slip away by warping between several safe spots while they try desperately to scan you down. Deep safe spots are illegal bookmarks created far outside the bounds of a solar system. Pilots hiding here needn't bother warping around to evade pursuers, as they'll be quite literally off the grid and virtually impossible to locate. Deep safe spots several hundred AU from the nearest celestial object have also been used in the past to jump huge capital fleets into a hostile system without fear of being attacked.
Over the years, various bugs and exploits in EVE have been used to create deep safe spot bookmarks. Those methods were fixed in the Tyrannis expansion, but existing bookmarks continued to function. After Tyrannis, any warps to locations far outside the solar system were supposed to automatically fail. On May 18th, bookmarks and items outside this range were also meant to be moved to within the bounds of the solar system. When that date came, however, no items were moved and the illegal bookmarks continued to function as normal. CCP has recently announced that the safe spot fixes detailed in their April devblog will be enacted on Tuesday August 10th. If you have any items or ships stashed away at a deep safe spot, you have until Tuesday to collect them. After that, they'll be moved closer to the system and start showing up on people's directional scanners.
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