QNAP's QMobile app enables multimedia NAS streaming to Android and iOS

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.08.10

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QNAP's QMobile app enables multimedia NAS streaming to Android and iOS
Got yourself a QNAP NAS, do you? If you're also in legal possession of an Android or iOS-based device, you could soon be streaming your dusty Boyz II Men and / or Our Lady Peace jams straight from your network. Over the past month, the outfit has released QMobile apps for both Android and iOS, enabling everything from Google's Nexus One to Apple's iPod touch, iPad and iPhone to remotely stream images, tunes and videos so long as their NAS is online (and connected to a halfway decent broadband line). The app is said to work just fine over 3G or WiFi, and there's even a My Jukebox feature that essentially acts as a shuffle system for those who aren't too picky about what comes through. Both apps are available now in the Android Market and App Store for no charge, but you'll probably want to tap those source links and update your NAS management software to v3.3.0 before trying any fancy business. Video promo is past the break, if you need some encouragement.

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QNAP Announced QMobile Application for Android

The World's First All-in-One Media Player Solution for Android Phone Users to Access the Stored Photos, Music, and Videos from Their Network Storage Device

QNAP QMobile for AndroidTaipei, Taiwan, August, 2010 - QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of world class NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers announced today the beta application of QMobile, the world's first multimedia player solution for Android. QMobile allows users to stream music, digital pictures, and videos from their QNAP NAS servers and play directly on their Android handsets from anywhere. So long as you have Internet access, you can play all the contents on the NAS remotely, just like having a media center in your pocket!

"We are pleased to announce QMobile application as the first multimedia app for the connection between NAS and Android devices. For now, both iPhone and Android users can have fun with their mobile device and QNAP NAS," said James Wu, Product Manager of QNAP Systems, Inc. "Users no longer need to be concerned about synchronizing the multimedia contents to the mobile device. They can save storage space of the mobile device and get a compelling user experience with QMobile," James Wu added. QMobile is compatible with Android 1.5/1.6/2.1 platforms, and needs to be used with a QNAP NAS server running V3.3.0 management software or above.

QMobile is available for both iPhone and Android handsets.
For more information about QMobile app, please visit http://www.qnap.com/QMobile/ .

The new V3.3.0 NAS management software update (required to use QMobile) can be downloaded from the QNAP website at http://www.qnap.com/.
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