OK Cupid advises Panasonic cameras, iPhones for lonely nerds

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|08.10.10

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OK Cupid advises Panasonic cameras, iPhones for lonely nerds
While the kids at MySpace are hiding out in their top secret lab, hard at work on that portable media player, and the Facebook gang is busy looking for ways to make easy money off your personal data, the oft-maligned OK Cupid organization has one goal and one goal only -- to help bitter singles find love. It's a noble mission, and a daunting task, to which end they've pored through the EXIF data of over 500,000 of their user profile pics and came to a number of conclusions, including:
  • Panasonic camera users are "hotties," while Nikon users are "notties"
  • iPhone users are "doin' it" around twice as often as Android users
  • Using a camera flash adds seven years to your picture
There's more to the survey, and we definitely have our doubts as to the veracity of its conclusions, but we think we can all agree on one thing: make sure you remove the EXIF data from your pics before you go looking for a mate in cyberspace.
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