Rumor: Atari close to announcing a Neverwinter Nights MMO

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.10.10

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Rumor: Atari close to announcing a Neverwinter Nights MMO
If you're getting a strong sense of deja vu at the title up above, we can't blame you -- after all, we've been covering this supposed MMO announcement for a couple years now. However, a pair of recent developments have led us to believe that Atari is on the verge of announcing the long-anticipated Neverwinter Nights MMO.

The first piece of concrete news is a brief statement from the recent GenCon Indy, where went to a D&D products seminar and heard the representatives state that Atari has an upcoming D&D video game. Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain any further information about it at the convention.

Following up on this statement, Superannuation did a bit of digging and discovered that Atari recently purchased a slew of domain names, including, and Add these facts together with the promised announcement of Cryptic's new MMO this summer, and we could be hearing official confirmation of a Neverwinter Nights MMO any day now. Stay tuned!
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