SOE officially announces EQII's Destiny

Not to be outdone by all the fan coverage of last week's Fan Faire 2010, Sony Online Entertainment has released its own smorgasbord of information on the next EverQuest II expansion in the form of an official press release. Destiny of Velious, flying your way in February, looks to expand the venerable franchise while simultaneously paying homage to its roots.

The release will feature an all-in-one compilation pack with the base game, all seven expansions, and three adventure packs, allowing newbs and veterans alike to dive into (or back into) the world of Norrath. Speaking of diving, we've now confirmed that flying mounts will allow you to venture off the beaten path of pre-determined flight tracks, wheeling and soaring at will. Additionally, expansioneers can partake of 300 new quests (including four Heritage Quests), 10 new dungeon instances, a contested dungeon, Velious-themed PvP battlegrounds, two new overland zones, six new raids, and dozens of new armor sets.