Intuit buys Cha-Ching after hiring developers

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.11.10

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Intuit buys Cha-Ching after hiring developers

We've been pretty big fans of Cha-Ching, both the OS X app and the iOS version, over the years. Turns out Intuit liked the app a lot, too -- the financial juggernaut has acquired Cha-Ching and its code after hiring the app's developers a little while back. The website currently points to both Quicken for Mac and, so presumably this is the end of the app -- its functionality will be brought into Intuit's other properties, used to smooth out Quicken for Windows, while Cha-Ching Touch's functionality will eventually show up in the iPhone app.

Too bad for users of the app currently -- I know the app was sold in at least one MacHeist sale, so it's definitely out there and fairly popular. There's no word on any upgrades at all. The app is great (and free), but of course Quicken is $50 just to get started. Looks like if you depend on Cha-Ching for your financial planning but want upgrades in the future, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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