HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 handset spied again -- or is it the Mozart?

Fleshing out HTC's device codenames can be difficult even after they launch, seeing how the codenames rarely make the leap to retail branding -- and the company certainly isn't making it easy with its alleged first round of Windows Phone 7 gear, either. We're pretty sure this device we're looking at here -- clearly labeled Mozart -- is exactly the same as the Schubert we saw a few days back... physically, anyway, which leaves open the possibility that the radio (or some other aspect of the internals) is different on this one. After all, Microsoft is looking to launch WinPho 7 in a bunch of countries on a bunch of carriers with a bunch of manufacturers on day one, so a couple different tri-band 3G options (for the midrange devices, anyway) would make good sense. Either that, or... you know, one of these codenames is just flat-out wrong.