Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard prototype debuts at center of UIST Student Innovation Contest

No, it's not the mystery device that Microsoft has been teasing as of late, but we have a feeling that plenty of folks will be wishing that the company's so-called "Adaptive Keyboard" was it. Unfortunately, it's just a prototype, and Microsoft apparently has no plans to turn it into an actual product. It will, however, be landing in the hands of a few lucky students participating in this year's UIST Student Innovation Contest, who will be given free reign to do whatever they like with the keyboard and possibly be rewarded with a $2,000 or $500 prize for their hard work. As for the keyboard itself, it's basically Microsoft's take on something like the Optimus Maximus, and consists of a large touchscreen display on top that "extends" to the keys below -- opening up a whole range of possibilities for different configurations and other shenanigans (no further technical details just yet, unfortunately). Head on past the break for a pair of demo videos and, if you're a student, hit up the source link below for the complete contest details -- act fast though, the deadline for applications is August 17th.