Motorola Droid 2 ripped to shreds, where's an astromech when you need one?

It's been less than a full day since Verizon's Droid 2 hit shelves (or two, if you count Sam's Club) but the fine folks at iFixit have already managed to make their phone explode into... 24 pieces, if we're counting right. Amazingly enough, the internal construction is almost exactly the same despite Motorola's near-doubling of the horsepower (and addition of 802.11n) inside. You'll find a nigh-identical logic board, speaker, camera and LCD screen -- not to mention the exact same battery, which means original Droid owners will have a handy swap -- and what looks like the exact same steps (but Torx screwdrivers required) to take the clever puzzle of plastic and metal apart. Not that you'd necessarily want to do the same to your new handset -- It's days like this we're glad iFixit is here to take that bullet for us.