Off-contract Dell Streak is still SIM-locked to AT&T, wrongs still being done in the world

Bummer. If you were planning to get your Streak pre-order in today, but were going to opt for the $549 off-contract version rather than the $249 on-contract version, we're sad to inform you that it's the exact same device in both scenarios. Not that we're shocked or anything, but Dell's own Lionel Menchaca has confirmed the tragedy via Twitter (shot after the break), noting that the $549 version of the Dell Streak "will not be SIM unlocked." In case that needed any more clarity, he continued: "It is SIM-locked to AT&T." Fairly lousy news for those hoping to snag one and pop a few international rental SIMs in as they headed off on their late-summer escapades, but it still makes us wonder whatever happened to that T-Mobile-ized version that sauntered through the FCC back in April. Angela Lansbury, we need you. Desperately.