TERA talks public transportation, releases new screens

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|08.13.10

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TERA talks public transportation, releases new screens
Did you ever think you'd see a bus or a subway train in the fantasy world of TERA? Apparently some community members have, as a recent discussion translated from the game's Korean website makes clear. Aside from the pegasus flightpath system that takes players from cities to quest hubs in the current beta client, no information on mounts in En Masse Entertainment's upcoming action MMO has been released. That said, TERAfans has managed to dig up a posting by Korean community manager Tree in which he solicits community feedback on the types of mounts desired.

In other news, En Masse has released its latest Screenshots of the Week featurette, this time taking us to the cities of Velika and Castanica. Check them out in our gallery below or on the official website.
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