Time Warner Cable developing iOS app, laptime viewing may never be the same (video)

Looks like TWC is the latest victim of tablet fever. Not wanting to get left behind as Comcast flaunts its iPad app for remote scheduling, Time Warner Cable is showing off its own, slated to hit the iPad and the iPhone at some point in the future. (It's called "prototyping work" at this point.) The app would allow a subscriber to view current TV listings and change their DVR's recording schedule from afar, plus use intuitive searches to find new content. That's promising, because whenever we search through TWC's current Scientific Atlanta DVR interface we wind up spiking our remote control in frustration, and that's getting expensive. Even more promising is the plan to pump TV Everywhere to iOS and, down the road, to provide an API for other devs to write their own apps against. Care to watch a bunch of TWC executives lounging in a corner office while discussing the app? Check the video after the break. It's part one of a series and, if you stay awake through all four, you win a prize!