Adobe Photoshop Express: mobile manipulation mastery gets prettier UI, iPad support

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.13.10

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You're probably well aware that we like to tinker with Photoshop from time to time, and while we're constantly building up our database of funnies, it's quite difficult to do so on the road. For times like these, there's the newly-rebranded Adobe Photoshop Express, a completely free (!) application designed for both iPhone and (new for this update) iPad. The newest version (v1.3) weighs in at 6.5MB and provides users with the same abilities to mildly edit their photos as before, via crop, color, filter and border controls. Better still, it'll let you access your entire online photo gallery at, so if anyone's down to try it out and send us their best gadget-related mutations, drop a link in comments or tips. Only catch is there's still no support for layers or compositions culled from multiple images, but hey, it's free! Don't say we never encouraged you to live a little, okay?

Update: Hey, it's out for Android too! Thanks, Wes!
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