Breakfast Topic: This is the game that never ends ...

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Once I finally reached 80, I felt so accomplished and at the same time so behind. I still had not finished all the Northrend quests and needed to get going on heroic dungeons, maxing my tradeskills and maybe working on some achievements. Now that Cataclysm is coming soon, of course, we all have our bucket lists to be concerned about, as well.

Sometimes this becomes frustrating. I love to make myself to-do lists, much like collecting quests in my log -- but even more so, I love crossing things off the list that I have accomplished. With WoW, I always seem to feel like I am just trying to keep up. With more and more things about the game that I discover I want to accomplish, my to-do list grows longer. However, I guess that is inevitable when you play a game "that never ends."

So am I really bothered by the seemingly endless tasks put before me? No. In fact, I kinda like it. Yes, it does bother my brain a bit to know there are some things that have to go on the back burner or be avoided altogether while I complete other tasks. But the frustration is more than made up for in the limitless choices available to me. While I may feel like I am struggling to keep up, I can just as easily switch gears. Maybe I still haven't gotten enough badges for a decent trinket, but I still also haven't fished up any coins in Dalaran. I love that I have the choice of which area to tackle next.

Although I may constantly feel overwhelmed at the tasks left to conquer, it's a joy to know that there is still so much fun to be had. I do still want to get everything done, everything crossed off my to-do list ... but I'm not holding my breath for it. I'm just doing what I can, accomplishing things here and there and overall just enjoying the play.

Does the endless playstyle of WoW leave you frustrated, motivated or a little of both? What does your WoW to-do list contain? Do you think it will ever get completed? And would you even want it to? Do you only focus on maxing out certain parts of the game, while others go completely untouched?

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