Leapster's $70 Explorer learning handheld gets reviewed, loved by a father


inadvertently (or not) spilled the beans on a forthcoming learning handheld way back in May, and with nary a peep from the company, it has managed to launch said unit just as the next school year was fixing the start. The $70 handheld ain't the cheapest in the world, and considering that the "learning" cartridges are $25 a pop, it won't take long for this investment to get serious. USA Today's Ed Baig managed to wrangle one for review, and while he certainly let his kids do the dirty work, he couldn't help but express frustration by the inability to use older games with this new system. Forward progress aside, Ed found his kids enamored by the device, and while that led to him making quite a few digital Leaplet purchases (downloadable games), it also kept his youngsters occupied and engaged in something beneficial. All told, he handed out 3.5 of 4 shiny stars to the minuscule device, and so long as you're cool with daily demands for new software from Johnny and Jane, this might be the best back-to-school gift ever.