EEDAR: consumers have greater interest in DLC a month after game's release

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EEDAR: consumers have greater interest in DLC a month after game's release
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EEDAR CEO Greg Short previewed a new report today at GDC Europe, indicating that a majority of consumers want DLC one to three months after a game's launch. That detail is just one part of the company's "Deconstructing DLC Report," which should be available later this month (to those with the cash). Comparing data from 2009 and 2010 revealed a significant uptick in the percentage of those who want DLC a month after a game's release, and a decrease in those who want it at launch or a year later. Given the data, Short notes that developers need to make DLC releases "part of the build plan" for games.

Comparing when consumers check for paid vs. free DLC for a game, the figures are incredibly similar. The report indicates 35 percent never check for paid DLC, compared to 29 percent of consumers who never check for free DLC before purchase. On the other hand, an average of 20 percent check up on free or paid DLC before purchasing. As for those who check for paid or free DLC during purchase, after purchase or after finishing the game, they all have very similar percentages. It appears that DLC is important to consumers, but whether it's paid or free, they seem to go looking for it at similar times.
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