New iPhone, iPad model codes set up for iTunes activation bypass -- CDMA versions, maybe?

So BGR's got a tipster lined up with alleged details from within iOS 4 beta firmware that shows a section dedicated to bypassing the usual iTunes activation scheme for three new product codes: iPhone3,2, iPhone 3,3, and iProd 2,1. Actually, these product codes aren't "new," per se; we saw all three of them in the iPad's firmware back in April, but they've yet to make the giant leap to officialdom. What's different here, then? Well, apparently, this activation-bypass scheme has historically had a tendency to show up in Apple's beta firmware right around the time a new iPhone goes into testing -- ostensibly so that field engineers don't need to worry about that rigmarole to do their jobs -- which suggests that these new models are getting ready for action. BGR's source says these will be the CDMA iPhone and the next-gen iPad, though you can't tell that from the product codes alone, and that doesn't explain why we've actually got two new iPhones listed. For what it's worth, the current iPad -- iPad1,1 -- used to go by the moniker iProd1,1 in firmware, so it stands to reason that we really are looking at a new tablet here. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some Verizon Wireless field tech van recon to do.