160GB PS3 slim spotted on GameStop's website

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.17.10

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160GB PS3 slim spotted on GameStop's website
One of the following just occurred today: either a GameStop employee just spilled the beans on an upcoming Sony announcement, or someone in the retailer's IT department has a cruel sense of humor. At any rate, IGN spotted a listing today (since removed) for a slim PlayStation 3 with 160GB of storage, purported to be shipping today for $299.99. That's unfortunately not the case, but while we'd wager a capacity increase is inevitable, it'd be infinitely more intriguing if that new hard drive came part and parcel with a pallette swap -- something in white, perhaps. Hey, we can dream. It might be worth noting that Sony's got a press conference lined up at GamesCom for mid-afternoon ET tomorrow; we'll keep our German-trained ear to the ground, just in case.

Update: Newegg is now showing the same deal as above, with a projected arrival date of August 19 [Thanks, Disaresta51].
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