Archos 28 Minidroid PMP surfaces at FCC: yet another Android-based PMP

First came the onslaught of Android-based phones, and then came the rush of Android-powered tablet PCs. Now, we can all brace for the third major coming of Google's mobile OS, as this PMP marks the second from Archos alone in the last week. Hot on the heels of the Archos 32 comes the Archos 28 Minidroid, a diminutive 2.8-inch (presumed, anyway) portable media player with inbuilt WiFi, Android onboard, a 3.5mm headphones jack, USB connectivity, an integrated microphone and a touch-sensitive array of front panel controls. Beyond that, the FCC's database ain't telling us much, but we suspect we'll hear more as IFA approaches.

[Thanks, Steve]