Final Fantasy XIV development for Xbox 360 currently paused

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Final Fantasy XIV development for Xbox 360 currently paused
Once again, an MMORPG has been cut down by Xbox Live's online policies. Considering Final Fantasy XI was one of the few massively multiplayer games to arrive on the system, we had high hopes for its spiritual successor, Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, Square Enix's talks with Microsoft apparently weren't too fruitful, as producer Hiromichi Tanaka explained to VG247 that Microsoft's strict policies for the online platform are blocking the developer from proceeding with FFXIV's 360 port.

However, Tanaka did note that development on the 360 version wasn't completely canceled, but rather, on pause. Of course, the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV is due out on September 30, and the PS3 version's slated for next March -- if Square Enix and Microsoft can't come to an agreement soon, we're not sure how much of a demand there's going to be to get this bad boy back on track.
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