Teaser site opens for Final Fantasy XI's Scars of Abyssea

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|08.19.10

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Teaser site opens for Final Fantasy XI's Scars of Abyssea
It's safe to say that the Abyssea add-ons got off to an excellent start in Final Fantasy XI. The first installment coupled excellent rewards with an excellent leveling format, with the June version update's level cap increase coinciding nicely. The second installment in the series of mini-expansions, Scars of Abyssea, is scheduled to go live with the upcoming September version update -- and as the first in what promises to be a string of previews, Square-Enix has put together a teaser site for the add-on.

While it's hard to be certain from the screenshots, it looks as if the actual regions of Abyssea are going to continue on to other famous locales within Vana'diel on the Abyssean side of the coin. There are also some menacing new adversaries to face from the looks of it, and further expansion to the storyline of the mirror world. The teaser site also confirms that the add-on may be pre-purchased starting on August 23rd -- good news for the many Final Fantasy XI players no doubt all ready to continue their dimension-hopping adventures.
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