Verizon FiOS will stream live TV, VOD plus your own stuff to TVs, iPads & mobile devices soon (video)

Despite whatever other tablets Verizon may have on the way, it showed off a new trick for FiOS TV at a press conference today by streaming live TV and video on-demand to the iPad. NewTeeVee grabbed the above picture of the app, which Chief Information Officer Shaygha Kheradpir says brings the same software from its set-top boxes to the iPad and other screens. That hasn't stopped potential licensing issues with offering video on off-TV devices, but Reuters reports the company doesn't expect to pay any additional fees to programmers, probably because the app will only work from subscriber's homes. While live TV streaming is a big draw, it also showed off a video on-demand app called FlexView due later this year for Verizon's new Android phones, the Blackberry Storm and Windows Mobile 6.5 (other platforms due later on, it will work on other mobile networks as well) that would let videos purchased/rented via the cable box or website be downloaded onto up to five different devices, while its Media Manager service will be refreshed with an update that lets users upload video to 70GB of cloud storage and then stream it to their PCs, TVs or mobiles. Reports indicate live TV streaming should be available early next year, we'll see if FiOS beats Cablevision to the punch.

Update: ZatzNotFunny pointed out a video of the demo posted by Steve Donohue on YouTube, check it out after the break.