Verizon's remaining 2010 roadmap to be an Android-fest of phones and tablets?

Practically everything we've heard -- both officially and through tipsters -- lines up with information coming out of Phone Arena this week detailing a truly Google-heavy upcoming Fall and Winter release schedule for our friends at Big Red. Starting next month, it seems that we'll see a global version of the just-launched Droid 2, possibly with a white option (though it seems this could also be the R2-D2 model), and the Motorola WX455 we'd leaked has been named "Citrus" and will (as you probably could've guessed) target the low end of the market and the young'uns who are looking for an affordable way to get into Android; as WWAN-enabled laptops go, they'll be picking up the Dell Vostro V13 and the HP Pavilion DM1.

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Moving onto October, we're looking at a BlackBerry Storm3 -- something we've heard a bit about -- that uses BlackBerry 6 but is said to still carry over the Storm2's SurePress display -- an interesting foil to the Torch's traditional touchscreen. Of course, we'd also heard that the CDMA version of the Curve 3G was also on tap, and it looks like we'll finally see that in October as well. Samsung should be coming in with a three-pack of Android models here, including the Fascinate alongside midrange "Continuum" and low-end "Gem" models. Not to be outdone in the Android arena, Moto is said to be introducing an XT610 model that basically looks like a lower-end version of the Droid X; they've yet to roll out a midrange Android slate on Verizon, so that'd make some sense. There's also a device called the A957 "Sick" floating around -- which we really hope isn't a retail name, obviously -- that is supposed to be a high-end model and may end up being the device we'd known as the Droid Pro. Oh, and remember how the Pre Plus just went out of stock on Verizon? That lines up nicely with some talk that the Pre 2 is being prepped for an October release, too -- possibly to correspond with the unveiling of webOS 2.0, if we had to guess.

Phone Arena goes on to say that those Entourage e-readers we broke the news on are actually destined for a November release, not September as we'd originally thought; they'll be coming in two sizes, the original Edge and a smaller Pocket model. This is also around the time that they're being pegged to release the rumored HTC Merge, supposedly a mighty beast bearing a 10 megapixel camera and something faster than a 1GHz core -- possibly in a bid to do battle with the Glacier that T-Mobile is testing. Finally, we should be seeing these long-discussed tablets: one from Samsung called the i800 and another smaller model from Motorola tentatively labeled the "Stingray."

It's definitely notable that practically all of the intel that we've received from trusted tipsters in the past several weeks lines up with this roadmap, so we're confident that it's pretty accurate; of course, launch dates have a nasty tendency to slip ad infinitum, so we won't be counting any chickens 'til they're hatched.