HP confirms webOS tablet for 'early 2011'

We'd heard HP's Todd Bradley had confidentially told employees that a webOS tablet would arrive in Q1 2011, but now the man's gone on the record in the company's Q3 2010 earnings call. "You'll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future and a webOS-based product in early 2011," he told investors and analysts in response to a direct question about tablets this afternoon, adding that potential slates were part of the reason HP bought Palm in the first place. Now, we're not financial experts, but we've heard it's typically a good idea not to promise things to your shareholders if you don't intend to deliver. In other words, there's a good bet the PalmPad is actually not an imaginary friend our subconscious created after Mark Hurd's hateful words in June.

[Thanks, Robert]