Rock Band 3 songs leaked by video

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Rock Band 3 songs leaked by video
A video coming out of Germany's Gamescom convention yesterday may have accidentally revealed a whole mess of unannounced tracks for upcoming rhythm/music title Rock Band 3. During an interview shot by YouTube user GottGamesShow (since taken down), an RB3 rep could be seen scrolling through the entire setlist for the game, apparently revealing tracks from John Lennon's "Imagine" to Devo's "Whip It."

RockBandAide grabbed the whole list before the video went down, which we've dropped for you after the break. And though we've reached out to Harmonix and MTV Games for confirmation, we'd like to point out that, for now, the songs could potentially be future Rock Band Network tracks or simply placeholder. That said, we're hoping they're not -- we're pretty psyched about the two songs we already mentioned, and frankly, it's all about James Brown.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]
  • The Bronx – False Alarm
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird
  • Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (Live)
  • Tegan and Sara – The Con
  • Riverboat Gamblers – Don't Bury Me... I'm Still Not Dead
  • The Police – Don't Stand So Close to Me
  • Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle
  • Blondie – Heart of Glass
  • The Who – I Can See For Miles
  • James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good)
  • Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated
  • John Lennon – Imagine
  • Big Country – In a Big Country
  • Primus – Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
  • Echo and the Bunnymen – Killing Moon
  • Dover – King George
  • Raveonettes – Last Dance
  • The Sounds – Living in America
  • Phish – Llama
  • Faith No More – Midlife Crisis
  • Paramore – Misery Business
  • Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows
  • At the Drive-In – One Armed Scissor
  • The Muffs – Outer Space
  • Golden Earring – Radar Love
  • Amy Winehouse – Rehab
  • Elton John – Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
  • Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
  • The Smiths – Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
  • Hypernova – Viva La Resistance
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves – Something Bigger, Something Brighter
  • Swingin' Utters – This Bastard's Life
  • Dire Straits – Walk of Life
  • Devo – Whip It
  • Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London
  • Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
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