CE-Oh no he didn't!: LG's Ma promises Optimus tablet 'will be better than the iPad'

There's brave talk, there's foolish talk, and then there's the 5nm line that separates the two. While LG's Chang Ma didn't seem to be dabbling in either during yesterday's Wall Street Journal interview, some subsequent revelations from the financial paper do quote him straying into daring new territory. Having already described the upcoming Optimus tablet as something that will surprise us with its productivity and focus on content creation, LG's Marketing VP (we know, not exactly the CEO) has apparently gone the full way and straight up claimed that "our tablet will be better than the iPad." We'll let you judge on which side of the brave/foolish divide that falls, but it's certainly an indication of searing ambition on LG's part, and should, together with the promise that the US will be "a key market" for the tablet, make pleasant reading for Android slate aficionados.