Xbox 360 S 250GB hard drive sneaks into stores, Microsoft cackles as you fall into its trap (update: official)

Yeah, you thought you were so clever waiting for the 4GB Xbox 360 to come out. A mere $199, while all your sucker friends had already sprung the $299 for the hard drive-equipped model. You thought you could live a happy, fulfilling life swapping thumb drives and carefully cropping your download collection. But you can't, can you? Night sweats, day sweats, you've got it bad. You need a hard drive, and now Microsoft's got a $130 250 gigger just for your wreck of a self. The drive has started popping up in GameStop stores and on, and while Microsoft still hasn't actually officially announced the accessory, when has that stopped you before?

Update: Yep, it's official -- Major Nelson just posted up a video saying the drives are headed out to retailers this weekend. Check it after the break.